#Scottish Watches Week 17

It’s becoming clear that this job of choosing the best photos each week is going to get harder and harder as the weather gets warmer. More and more of you guys are getting out there and letting your skills shine, to the benefit of all mankind. Here are the best from the past seven days:


First up this week is @calgarywatchaddict with a duo of great shots of a watch we don’t see often enough if you ask me, the Timefactors Dreadnought. This one is an oldie but a goodie and a good reminder to try to track one of these down someday.


Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

@dr.day.date is back again with a nice shot of the underappreciated underdog, the Tudor Ranger, surrounded by everything you need for a day of adventure: a phone, a good blade and a strong espresso.


Speaking of EDC shots, Scottish Watches contributor extraordinaire @wildwristwatch continues his trend of bringing us some of the finest monochrome-ish photos that Instagram has to offer, like this stunner with a perennial favorite, the OG Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight.


Some watches just look like they belong together. @onehundredtwentyclick proves as much with this nice little family shot of old school divers wearing matching bezels. Two Bulovas and one Caravelle. Now just get to work growing that third wrist.


Just a regular, solid, everyday shot of the Rolex Explorer II by @morningwatchmilwaukee in the underrepresented black colorway. Absolutely nothing else to see here, move along, move along.


As a big fan of Doxa and a strong supporter of Jason Heaton’s debut novel (it’s up next in my reading queue, so no spoilers), there was no way this great shot of both by @losing_lost_time wasn’t making the cut.


Something seems familiar about this… More Jason Heaton love and an excellent pairing with the Scurfa Diver One, courtesy of @ben.setter


People started taking delivery of the new Halios Universa the last few weeks (myself included) so it’s great to see shots like this excellent capture of the grey colorway by @jbmjbm0 start popping up. Great shot.


The list is skewing heavily towards Tudor this week but what are you gonna do? Here is the Black Bay GMT, feeling a bit cooped up for the last year and ready to get back out there and track those time zones. Cool shot by @watchupwithyou.


Closing things out this week is @sumofitsticks’ shot of the Vostok about to take a long plunge into cold waters. Better change out of that leather first, Scuba Dude!

That’s all for this week, excellent work everyone! Remember to keep tagging your photos with #scottishwatches to be featured here, become instantly famous, and finally be able to quit that dull day job. See you next time.

Derek Haager is a watch enthusiast, TV editor and part-time music maker from Brooklyn, NY.

Instagram: @derekhaager