#ScottishWatches Week 16

As it tends to do, life interfered and I missed a week of showcasing your best photos tagged #scottishwatches. I deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart, dear reader. Please accept as amends a double sized selection of the best photos of the past TWO weeks. Please to enjoy:


Kicking things off this week is @alex_wh_ng, with a splendid shot of the AnOrdain Model 1 with a vibrant green fumė dial. AnOrdain calls this one “green”, not quite as creative as they are with some of the other color names are they? May I posit “Granny Smith Green”? “Algae in Summer”? Take your pick.


Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

Next up is @gh05tm4ll with a cool shot of a vintage Alba. I originally thought there was some kind of digital distortion effect in play here, but upon further inspection I discover that all that weirdness is built into the watch itself. Leave it to Japan in the ‘80s. Also, thanks a lot @gh05tm4ll, now I have to find one of these for myself.


@Shewatchestheworld gives us a lovely, color-matched, pastel-toned shot of the Nomos Tetra Kleene. This watch and shirt would blend right in in Stateside Sam’s room over at Gigi’s place. That joke is a real deep cut, if you know, you know.


@Thewatchscot is back again with a moody shot of an SKX with a lovely soft reflection on the crystal. I can’t tell if this is an 007 or an 013 from this distance, but it matters not. We don’t see enough SKX family watches on IG these days if you ask me. Keep them coming.


@Watchgnosis makes the list this week with one of those shots that looks like the part in a photography textbook that explains what “bokeh” is to the beginner. I mean that as a compliment, perfectly executed with some lovely reflections to boot.


Let’s help @watchwayup celebrate the milestone of 3,000 IG followers by celebrating this excellent, dreamy shot of the Omega Railmaster, napping on its pillow in the backyard of a hookah lounge from the looks of it. Congrats on 3K, with shots like these it’s easy to see why.


Every week I feel the need to explain that I am a sucker for dive watches, orange watches, and SCUBA stuff in general. I think it’s time I just stop explaining myself and let these choices happen. Case in point, this great shot of the orange Douglas Skindiver by @averagewatchenthusiast.


Ah the Casio CA53. This one was my entrance into watch fandom at the tender age of about 7. My friends and I would run around the playground pretending these things shot lasers, which they may as well have for how hi-tech they looked in the ‘80s. I still own one to this day. Terminator fandom came a bit later. Excellent social commentary provided to you by @thewatchyeti.


Sometimes a Seamaster Planet Ocean just needs to sit down on a wet rock, gaze out at a beautiful vermillion sunset and think about all that he or she has accomplished in this life. Splendid shot by @thewatchsnapper.


I wanted to end things off with something clean, simple, and elegant. @Flybackwatches’ shot of one of the most classic watches of all time, the Rolex Explorer 114270 fits the bill to a T. A perfect watch, perfectly captured.


That’s all for this week. As always, keep the great photos coming and keep tagging them #scottishwatches to be featured right here. You’re gonna be a star!

Derek Haager is a watch enthusiast, TV editor and part-time music maker from Brooklyn, NY.

Instagram: @derekhaager