#ScottishWatches Week 14

It’s been a very busy and quite eventful Watches and Wonders week. From the big hits like JLC’s Quadriptyque, to sleeper favorites like the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight in 925 silver, to relative snoozes from a few folks (you know who you are). We have seen highs and lows, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and yet somehow you all manage to keep the splendid photos coming. So here we are with another week’s worth of the best:


First up this week is a photo I meant to include last week but I messed up and left it out, mea culpa. I apologize to all of you readers for making you wait an additional week before seeing @rw_m100’s excellent shot of the Vertex MP45, next to a vertex, get it? Great shot!


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Next up is a shot of a cool Zenith we don’t see too often, the Chronometro Tipo CP2⁠. Seen here as @flybackwatches’ paperweight, holding down some kind of automotive work order, if my rusty Norsk is correct.



@watchscotland brings us this shot of the Seiko SKX007, looking great as always, and right at home on a simple khaki NATO strap. One of the original so-called strap monsters, if you ask me.


@dr.skinnywrist is back again with this fantastic shot of a fantastic watch, the Czapek Antarctique Abyss. Looking very aptly named, sitting in the snow, is it the perfect watch for an Antarctic expedition? The jury is still out, but that hand-varnished dial is quite stunning, either way.



@Thewatchshowfinland is here with this shadowy, moody shot of the Sarapaneva Moomin watch. The darkness really showcases all those fantastic, hand-painted lume colors. We need more lume artistry in this world.



@Hands.faces.cases brings us this dreamy, ethereal macro shot of the AnOrdain Model 2. That fume enamel dial that we all know and love looks even more interesting when magnified this much.


Finally, @frendymgee tries to pull the wool over our eyes, pretending to have an Explorer 226570, when it is very clearly the 216570. The differences are glaring and obvious, you’re not fooling anyone! Great shot, though.


That’s all for this week. As always, keep the great photos coming and keep tagging them #scottishwatches to be featured right here. Next week will be your week, I can feel it.


Derek Haager is a watch enthusiast, TV editor and part-time music maker from Brooklyn, NY.

Instagram: @derekhaager