#ScottishWatches : Did You Win?

It’s time again for everyone’s favorite part of the week, when we round up all the great photos that you guys have tagged #scottishwatches. After a week off we have a lot of excellent photos to get through here, including the exciting reveal of our giveaway winner, so stick with me till the end. Here we go!


First up this week we have @beans_and_bezels with a great shot of the Chrono Tokyo Chronograph 1, with what looks like a Ming(?) just peeking in from the foreground. For anyone who doesn’t know, Chrono Tokyo is the JDM-only branch of the Kurona brand, carrying essentially the same watches with a different branding. I’m not entirely sure how the company structure works but that is gist of it. If I have that wrong, correct me in the comments!


James Porter and Son

Following up nicely with the sequel to the Chronograph 1 we have @zach.blass with a lovely, three-shot series of his Kurona Chronograph 2. Word around the campfire is these were fairly hard to get, selling out in minutes, if not seconds, so congrats to Zach. In honor of Easter, this one has an Easter Egg. If you zoom in real close on the reflection in the third shot, is that an Oris baseball hat? Mixed messages, but nice shots Zach!


@dr.skinnywrist checks in next, with this beautifully soft and subtle shot of the Urwerk UR100. This watch will always win the day in my book, just by existing, but framing it up so pleasantly certainly doesn’t hurt.


Next up is @vfp.watches with this excellent, antique looking shot of the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date. This could easily be your grandfather’s nightstand, right before he wakes up to go fly Sopwiths in the Great War. Or something.



As tiny as watches are, it can be challenging to find new and interesting angles to photograph them from. @thewatchsnapper solves this with the use of light, making an ordinary Oris buckle look like it is hiding in the closet in a Film Noir, waiting for the danger to pass. Well done.


Continuing the theme of unusual angles, the warm glow and brushing striations give a lot more character to what could normally be considered a rather mundane area of the watch. The nodus Retrospect II, artfully captured by @sumofitsticks.



It’s not everyday we are treated to actual drawings of watches, so @hacking_2nds sketch of the King Turtle swimming out towards its ancestral home is a welcome breath of fresh air. I’m sure this was time consuming, but I hope to see more stuff like this in the future.



Every Friday night, the cool kids get together to play #fridaynightlumebattle. I’m not sure of the judges, prizes, or origin of this self-explanatory battle. The first rule of Friday Night Lume Battle is… etc.  But I am sure that this Vostok Amphibia, as photographed by @thewatchscot, was quite a contender last week.



You didn’t think I would go a whole week without featuring at least one vintage diver did you?  @watchfiend captured this beautiful Seiko SLA017 in its natural habitat, out for a swim in the Sea of Okhotsk, one of my favorite seas.


@jcarde003 treats us to this fantastic, lifestyle magazine-quality shot of the Seagull 1963. The cool hues and pleasant bokeh, topped off with an excellent watch choice, put this one ahead of the pack. Good work.




Last but not least, @zamattsu brings us this excellent shot of the Seiko SPB071J1 (these names really roll right off the tongue, Seiko), with its chunky hour hand pointing longingly back towards its home, the deep blue sea.

And now, the moment you have all been anxiously awaiting. The Grand Prize Winner of a new mystery watch from AVI-8. The best photo from the U.S. (due to pesky logistical complications) from the last two weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado:



@Dr.day.date wins the day with this stunning capture of the Rolex Explorer II. The warm tones and espresso and vintage camera all invoke the feeling of a day off, but one you plan to fill with exploration and adventure. Which is something we could all use right about now.

That’s all for the past two weeks, so thanks for playing! Keep the great photos (and now sketches) coming and keep tagging them #scottishwatches to be featured right here every week.

Derek Haager is a watch enthusiast, TV editor and part-time music maker from Brooklyn, NY.

Instagram: @derekhaager