Launch Review : SW&F -The Scottish Watches And Friends Limited Edition Launch


Home of the Brave heart, and land of the Free Healthcare

We love Scotland, you love Scotland, you listen to mostly Scottish voices drone on about watches twice a week, for starters.

We love you, which is why we brought you the Swatch earlier this year

But we love you even more than that, we love you the full 3000

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So now you can grab our latest and greatest limited edition, brought to you in collaboration with all your favourite watch Friends.

We are thinking of calling the company SW&F.

We bring you a partnership with Black Badger and GoS and The Limited Edition and Moser must be in there somewhere and Fears Watch Co because Nick is “Simply the best, better than all the rest” and MB&F because Babs says so, we don’t forget Omegas involvement in providing bleeding edge 50m waterproofing and of course Rolex to satisfy the google analytics and give the homage folk a head start in copying our strictly limited edition release.

However when we at SW Towers were reaching back into our watch collecting history for the final piece of inspiration to hook you all, we both realised we had only been at this for a couple of years and had no history to lean back on.

Now lack of real history is not normally a problem for many watch brands, some would simply tell an inspiring shaggy dog story about horse back games played by Viscounts and Lords in the good old days of Empire and damage to watches that prompted technological development but we have more class than that, admittedly not much more so rather than those halcyon days driving our air cooled Porches with our Speedos on our wrists inspiring us, we remembered being abandoned in our grannies tenement flat, the only comfort being the hope that after eating our Liver and Onions our grannies biscuit tin would be opened for a peek and the shinny Green or Orange (depending on what school you went to) Viscount biscuits that lay within.

That was our Eureka moment and so our dials are inspired and monogramed reminiscent of the ripples that lay beneath those shinny green or orange silver foil encrusted biscuits of Gran…who can forget her

So yes this is the Scottish Watches x Black Badger x GoS x The Limited Edition x Moser x MB&F x Fears x Omega x Rolex limited edition or the SWNicknamed the “Old Firm” it will be available in two colours and strictly Limited Editions.

The first to be released will be the Green variation on the 25th of May, this will however be limited to 9 pieces each costing £18,888

This will be followed by a release of 16 of the Orange dial variation on the 12th of July at a price of… well it does not actually matter as you will never have to settle the bill on the Orange one.

Finally followed by a release of 90 which will be a mix of the two colours 55 in Orange and 51 in Green.

Watches Of Switzerland Group will be the exclusive retail partner for this release.

The Royal Warranted Mappin & Webb will exclusively retail the Orange version while WoS and PotofGoldSmiths will handle the Green.

There will also be a special Pop up store opening in Lodge 551 in Larkhall from the 1st to the 12th of July where you can apply for Orange piece, all valid handshakes accepted

Brian Duffy WoS CEO expressed both his delight and disappointment at handling the Green pieces but questioned the wisdom of only 9 green ones being made available in a row

Hear much more about the creation of this very unique piece (Editors Note: something cannot be very unique) on this coming Mondays show

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this post see below, or simply have no idea what we are on about then check out next Mondays show