404 Page Not Found

We have all been there – we thought we remembered the website URL correctly and – well we did not. When this happens, very often you end up on a so called 404 page – the HTML code for “page not found”

The reasons are: the link was pointing to a page that does not anymore, you typed in the page address wrong or some other little niggles.

The dreaded 404 page is usually a very sterile and boring affair. It shows the error message and not much else. Recently most web designers create a small selection page, or a search field for you on that page so you can find what you were looking for.

Some companies though create little gems – like Omega. When you end up on the Omega 404 page for e.g. entering www.omega-watches.com/1234 into your browser address bar – you are greeted by a loupe equipped George Clooney – who was looking very hard on your behalf to find that page but couldn’t. Isn’t that a nice touch? Here are a few that I found while wrestling the WorldWideWeb and found noteworthy:

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Zenith created the numbers 404 out of cogs, wheels, balance springs and all sorts of watch movement parts. Who does not like that?

A. Lange & Sohne created this little “404 complication” – a bit dry maybe but still shows someone cared.

TAG Heuer decided that it should show the 404 error in a date window of a Chronometer. Little effort, great result.


Some companies – let’s say – the more distinguished brands are not as innovative mostly. However Jaeger-LeCoultre stands out with this lovely 404 page below – unexpected but so proudly Swiss, it’s heartwarming.

Cartier presents you a huge Spaghetti of Cartier ribbon covering the signature Cartier box…

IWC has a watchmaker working on a movement for you on the 404 page…

And one of my favourites – Tudor – living up to their “Born to dare” slogan – greets us with a rather shocked New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team feeling outraged for the page not being there:

But guess what – even brands like Invicta have a sense of humor…

I hope you liked to explore these little hidden gems that a lot of us will never see. I wasn’t able to check all the hundreds of watch brands – so please let me know if you find a nice one in the comments – many thanks!!