#ScottishWatches Week 47

It has been a stunner of a week for the good old #ScottishWatches tag so do remember and use it whenever you post.

First up our first bright contender of the day from @orisfanboy and, unsurprisingly his Oris

If you can do yellow you can also do orange and we are officially Tangoed by @sumofitsticks

But if something bright does not appeal how about something absolutely classic from @wrists.and.walls and this Universal Geneve Polerouter

From an old classic we move to @watchfiend and his modern classic and one of the most universally liked modern GMTs in the world from Grand Seiko

Listen to the Scottish Watches Podcast here

Then we have this from @knights.watch maybe his watch is dreaming that in the magic mirror of his reflection it will say Rolex?

Well if you are dreaming of a Rolex to go with your Tudor how about some big cars to go with your Hamilton as per @enjoy.your_time

but if two dinky toys aren’t enough to keep your single watch company how about 2 classic Grand Seikos to accompany what is currently my favourite GS, just love that red. Thanks @watchzon for the photo

Thanks for posting with #scottishwatches