Scottish Watches Podcast #202 : Chatting with Brian Duffy, CEO of Watches of Switzerland

A great day in the business world not so much in the football world, we welcome to the show the keeper of the Rolex waiting lists fellow Scotsman Brian Duffy, CEO of Watches Of Switzerland.

You can find Brian’s own podcast here, It is alright I suppose…

Listen to the Scottish Watches Podcast here

Hear all about the best Rolex boutique in the world…Rolex Glasgow.

Then it’s all about the Ice Cream Van that haunts Rikki and Brian’s dreams…. Brings a new angle to the phrase “lock in”.

But Brian, what school did you go to?

Then it is underwear time… Then watches, promise, after Guitar lessons and going back to college and Brians desert island disk…oh and more football. I remember where I was, (hint : it was not Seville)

Unless he really meant this lot…

So what is in Watches Of Switzerland Group?

A lot as it turns out.

Find out about the market differences in the watch world between the UK and the USA.

Then the big question and watch media and retail and them crossing over, good thing or bad thing?

Then some cool stuff coming to Glasgow for the watch community, in the form of Breitling and worldwide with HYT, Moser, Armin Strom, Bovet and MB & F.

Then we find out what WoS are doing to ensure safe shopping during the time of Covid and if Briand thinks Rolex will ever sell online?

and finally the IPO stuff…

Enjoy the show!