Scottish Watches Podcast #199 : Halloween Watch News

Oh it’s getting close to episode 200 – but in the mean time we chat about …

…all the things we are not supposed to talk about, welcome to embargo busters, welcome ABTW and Moser to the Club

First up time telling in the Swiss watch world. Oris we are looking at you.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

But the article went out none the less.

Do you think the price jump for the new watch over the old is worth it?

would it be worth it for a 10 day power reserve

What is definitely not worth it is a 3 hour drive for breakfast cereal

Then time for an audio unboxing. The Paulin Neo C

and for our Japanese listeners

and for our Scottish listeners you can buy these at James Porter and Son

Other new gear, some bronze loveliness from Bremont

Then Phil Collins makes his stage comeback.

any excuse

I am all about the baseball now. Congratulations the best team in America, L.A Soap Dodgers

Check out the new Christopher Ward C65

We also have a new Video with Armin Strom and The Limited Edition and they now have their own limited edition.

and Hodinkee made another quite $2.75m with a  new GS….three years in the making!!!

But ignore the next bit…..I was very wrong…Hodinkee written everywhere

Then meme time, check it out on our facebook group.

We have this new from Moser.

Have a view of our latest SWL for Dave, yes Daves new Rolex, and see how it scores

and look out for episode 200…it is a cracker.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to #scottishwatches