New Oris Aquis Date – Power Play

So the Cali”bear” 400 has found its first home to lay its head, its bed is not too big and not too small but just right and its in the new and much improved Oris Aquis date.

This is now a “5 days” power reserve piece fitted with a slightly larger and black rather than white date disk.

The action however is all to be seen on the back. So it is out with the old Sellita and in with the new 400 Calibre and there is now an extra large sized crystal back with which to view it, and it is a substantially prettier thing to look at that the old incumbent.

This is not where the fun ends however, as there is also a new quick change bracelet solution requiring neither tools nor a manicure to fix broken nails after use.

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

At 43.5mm it keeps with the established sizing of the range, and the new movement means this watch will not need to go back to your A.D for a service for at least 10 years after you take it out of the box and if it does need to go back for any warranty reasons then that also lasts 10 years to match, and that is a significant selling point and show of confidence in their own engineering from Oris.

Available for CHF 3100 on the strap and CHF 3200 on the bracelet then the purchase of the additional metal work is a no brainer.

So it is out with the old and in with the new, and that includes the price. This watch does jump up the price over the previous Sellita powered model, which currently starts at 1,950 EUR.

Will this new power plant and watch combo stand the price increase? I suspect it will, there are plenty of similar dive watches from other brands that remain in this new price bracket for Oris while maintaining either Sellita or ETA power plants.

Perhaps the only link to the old line, which I will miss but which I dare say may well reappear at some stage as I suspect the Oris fanboys and girls will perhaps “encourage” its return if possible is the Red Rotor…

Gone but not forgotten,


but who amongst us would not rather have some teddy bear ears instead?