#ScottishWatches – Our Favourite From Week 41

The Weekend is here and so is our celebration of the best photos we have seen using the #Scottishwatches, we have some, class some action and some green.

First up is @watchnerdwannabe with this ALS, what a stunner

Now it is time to get the lume show underway with @nicklikeswatches and a splendid Longines, not on the standard strap.

@onehundredandtwentyclick knows how to take em, never has this Tag looked so good, and it looks great.

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Now many say that green dial watches are these years thing, and this is probably the best on show right now, from Nomos and on the wrist of @timeeq

Hot watch Hot shot from @frendymgee of the Nodus and some edibles, sorry chillies

All or or we just cant see the wires from @mrcritchlow and his “soon to need a service” Tudor

and leading us home, in what I am not quite sure, but it looks nice and that is what #scottishwatches is all about from @girlslikewatchestoo with her Helson

Have a great week