Scottish Watches Podcast #116 : The Horology House Fake Rolex Interview

The Interview – The Man Who Tried To Buy A Daytona From Horology House

Not much by the way of show notes needed for this one. This one is all about Horology House.

And we interview Shohaib who is the chap that tried and succeeded and then it turned out failed to buy a Daytona from Chris Essery.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

The original forum post is here and you can find an article here

But what you really want is the read along notes which you can find here

You can get in touch with Shohaib directly on and feel free to cc us in on

Please note we emailed Chris at the same time as Shohaib and he replied to say he will appear on the show at some point to tell his story, so we have asked all parties involved to speak with us.