Scottish Watches Podcast #56 : One Small Step For Watch Podcasting

In space no one can hear you scream…but they can hear your phone interfering with the recording….my bad!

I confess to coveting my neighbours tractor and then getting it completely stuck in a field, but it simply proves that all you need is a Panerai.

Rikki confesses to taking “trenchcoat” photos in HMV, just buy your Ginaults folks, the games a bogey.

Anyway, Rikki is now working his way through the complete Knightrider boxsets, while I fantasise about JLC master compressors and remember the good old days (6 months ago ) of JLC being my favourite brand.

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

JLC Duometre, last seen at Edinburgh Watch Company C/O Jonathan.

And Rikki’s watch of the week……..

Ginault Ocean Rover

Sorry, I mean….

From the lovely Tim Mosso at Watchbox

Have a listen to the Hour Time Podcasts latest episode and tell us what you think in the comments section. One thing we can say for sure, if we can we will name who we are talking about.

Now let us make it clear if you want to ask us our opinion we will be more than happy to provide you one, so message away, we know stuff and if we don’t we will make something up.

Now for some Rolex “google juice” check out the Rolex website and search away, we did tell you about the Daytona. Thanks to @iamjohnparry for the tip-off


Then it is Tag time mixed with some Huey Lewis and the News and our legendary film reviews.

we consider the new Tag Monaco that is actually a proper limited edition, and very square.

In other news, we have the Marlon Brando and Jack Nicklaus watches due for auction, but which will fetch the most and will either beat the Paul Newman Daytona.

we then talk a bit more about Homage and Rip-offs check these two new videos for some fun opinions. sourced via @theticktockcollector


…and finally, more on world Omega day.

Enjoy the show!