Scottish Watches Podcast #53 : Tudor and More End Of Week Watch Stuff

Just the gruesome twosome today.

It has been a busy time and today we catch up, and wonder if we should do a live show, so Scottish Watches for the Edinburgh Fringe?

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Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

I promised I would include this, as some religious content, so time for Hymn of the Week:

This week Molly Scaggs, who is Ricky Scaggs Daughter, please tell me at least one of the Kats knows to what I refer?!?


Rikki went to Comicon, yawn, not as good as my church service!

Check out laser tag for adults (and bigger kids) – ZED Events iCombat at The Arches in Glasgow –

We then delve the supreme depths of my film knowledge, we do get there eventually.

John Carter went to Mars, John Carpenter did not do Wes Cravens Nightmare on Elmstreet and none of them is related to Stephen King.

Rikki then insists on telling us about his new Invictas, and trys to justify it as some sort of “gateway” watch.

But it does give us both an excuse to mention Lotus Carlton Cars

I do manage to get one up on everyone, with my WIS knowledge.

Gimmi an I,

Gimmi a W

Gimmi a C

Its an IWC.

And then it is time to pick sides…Team Rick or Team Rikki time to choose.

I then choose from my fantasy watch box.

VC Historiques American 1921

We then delve into the Only Watch Auction collection with a particular focus on Tudor, for reasons I do not understand but has something to do with the British State Broadcaster?!?

You can check out my Favorite from the Onlywatch collection from FP Journe on our website article.

It is then time to call another Swiss watch company to find out how they produce their name, this time it is Urwerks time, nope we still have no idea.

We then discuss the style of us Brits Youtube and Podcast content, looks like Clockbait will beat us to the Rolex cease and desist.

But we do have two special guests coming up soon, the two Kats are on their way, and we dispense some Podcast wisdom.

And you can take your Leicas and #@!) but you should check out this Seiko Video, especially the bit about “magic fingers”.

So Lego and Samsung those well-known participants in the 1969 Moonlanding are both at it along with Omega in celebrating more than Nasa, but we then shout about our award as best watch podcast, from HoWilbur HoWilbur, ok so not the biggest channel, but give him a follow and say hi.

Enjoy the show!