Scottish Watches Podcast #42 : The Bear Necessities with Oris Watches

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Something a bit different, firstly our first 4 person episode, and our first Swiss brand interview.

We welcome Oris to RedBar Edinburgh hosted by Chisholm Hunter.

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

We wonder if they really knew what on earth they were letting themselves in for, yes Rikki it is a Castle, the backside of the castle just like to Buzz on Omegas new #mooningwatch

Welcome Paul and Darren from Oris…….watches…yes watches…just in case there was any doubt.

We are however a member of the team missing.

They said he was damaged, we think @wristbuscuit maybe knows better, wouldn’t last 5 mins on Sauchiehall street.

We’re not sure if he has a name but either way Rikki is calling him Horrace from Oris.

They really just needed someone with a particular set of skills.

We hear more about proper genuine work in the care of the planet, not just marketing spin and about a host of great new watches, and should we collaborate with Oris for our “Irn Bru” bezel as the Faslane Royal Navy bomb disposal squad did with their special edition no hands watch.

You can read more about the Redbar night here

Oris are at and and

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