Article : Say It Quietly…But Is That The Gentle Sound of Bubbles Bursting?

Never one to miss joining a bandwagon here at Scottish Watches we have now seen a few articles and YouTube posts speak in tones that would begin to suggest that the Rolex and Patek mad pricing bubbles where you could simply buy a new watch (or in Patek’s case pick up the watch your now long dead father ordered) walk out the dealer and then sell it straight on at a profit are showing signs of being on the turn.

The global peak in preloved pricing which was also impacting certain lines in brands such as Tudor, Audemars Piguet and Cartier seems to be on the turn.

A quick look around at Chrono24 and similar sites will reveal that prices in specific models have certainly come well of the boil and for those of us nerds that keep a note they are continuing to fall.

That’s not to say that certain lines in these watch brands are not still attracting flippers* who can see a quick profit is a margin that still exists between the grey market and MSRP prices, but that margin is eroding.

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Even if it is not true, perhaps if we all start saying the bubble is bursting then we can all be part of a nice self-fulfilling prophecy and we can all get back to being watch lovers and not investments consultants.

@rickticktalk can’t wait for the 5711 that he cannot afford to by on the grey market at £45,000 to simply become the 5711 he can’t afford to buy it from an AD at £23,000

@rikkiwatches does not care for such fripperies as 5711’s and Ceramic Daytonas he knows that now he is in the Speedy gang that his Tuesday friends will never see him without a roof over his head when everyone finally wakes up out of their snoopy induced trance.


* With thanks to @horological_dicktionary for this definition.