News : British Watch Magazine QP Has A Refresh

A change is as good as a holiday so they say and the folks at QP Magazine have decided to test that theory out just ahead of SIHH this year with a new redesign completely changing the look and feel of their publication, but is it for the better?

When I got into this hobby I naturally went hunting for information online but then I thought it would be good to have high quality reading material and images to look at that were a bit larger than my mobile phone screen.

A visit to WH Smiths proved almost fruitless as for all the magazines on offer, horology is not very well catered for at all. In a sea of model railway design, vintage truck mechanics and amateur radio enthusiast titles, watches it seems is even further down the pecking order. But there was one title I spotted and that was QP.

The name doesn’t give anything away with QP standing for Quantième Perpétuel, the French term for perpetual calendar. Nothing could be more cryptic. Sitting on the shelf with multiple layers of other titles surrounding and often covering everything but the masthead a newbie such as myself at the time could easily scan past not realising what the mag was all about, but on that fateful day the whole cover was on display and I purchased my first copy.

Over the past two years I’ve not missed an issue, either by seeing it in the WH or by buying from eBay but over the past month when I’ve scanned the shelves in 3 different stores I didn’t see my beloved. It was only when I got to SIHH and did my Supermarket Sweep trolley dash to acquire the freebies on offer that I plucked a copy of the latest edition – and it looks completely unlike anything that came before.

It actually now looks like a magazine from a by gone era, a time before desktop publishing had a foothold on the world and when type setting was still a thing. A simplistic cover with a revised, elegantly typo-graphed logo, one image and a column of text is all you get. Having bought a range of ye olde watch magazines on eBay over the past few years it really does bear a striking resemblance to a mid 90’s style stateside horology publication.

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The good news, once the covers are parted and you delve inside the content, imagery and wonder is just as vibrant and captivating as before, possibly even more so as it’s no longer shielded behind the glitz and glamour of modern design layout. The raw images and information presented in their most basic form allowing the words and pictures to do the talking, not the fancy fonts and drop shadows.

The paper quality too seem to have changed and improved, increased thickness and less sheen again allowing the photography to shine from the page with a lustre that lends itself well to the subject matter and wanting to see in minute detail every facet of the watches in print.

So it’s a big thumbs up from me to the team at QP, they’ve taken a gamble that could have gone horribly wrong *cough* 11.59, and it has worked out extremely well. The only slight downside is that readers may not spot it on display in shops due to the reworked logo, look and feel. But if they care and go searching online or ask store staff for guidance all will again be well in the world.

Find out more at the QP website here –