Review : Everest Rolex (Submariner, GMT, Daytona etc) Curved End Leather Strap

Everest were one of the first companies out there to begin producing bespoke aftermarket strap options for Rolex watches.

Sure you can bung pretty much any 20mm strap or bracelet on to your watch and be done with it, but Everest go a few stages further.

Their products look and feel luxury. The price follows suit of course with the Italian Racing Leather strap here coming in at a not insignificant £180 plus taxes from the USA.

The key point of their products is that they are designed to fit your watch. As mentioned you can pop a cheap 20mm leather strap from eBay on there for £10 if you wish, but you’ll have an ugly skin window between the lugs where the straight across nature of the new strap sits on the springbar and there’s a gap up to the curved case end. Everest fix this problem by having curved ends to their straps, reinforced internally with hard plastic so the curve and bend of the ends stay as they should with wear and wont droop or otherwise deform on the wrist.

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Speaking of quality the strap fits with Rolex levels of precision too. It’s not difficult to install but there is no dead space and the tolerances of clearance are exact meaning again no on wrist wobble or wiggle as you would find on a generic off the shelf strap.

Everest offer a wide range of colours, styles and fits including the option of using your own Rolex buckle and clasp or opting for a nice tang version which is more up to the task of desk diving and rubbing against laptops and keyboards. You can also choose to get one of their fairly good spring bar removal tools too when ordering and if you don’t own one – get one! They have fitting guides on their website and YouTube to seal the deal and once the replacement strap arrives you should have no difficulty in install it – just watch out for flying spring bars!