Gift Idea : Build Your Own Wristwatch – DIY Horology On A Budget

If you or your friends fancy yourselves as the next George Daniels or Philippe Dufour then now’s your chance!

Esslinger have come up with a kit that has all the parts you need to construct your own watch including Seiko NH35 movement, spacer, case, crystal, strap, crown and stem.

It’s not exactly super cheap but at $165 but just imagine the feeling of satisfaction wearing a watch that YOU put together.

You can pick from which colour dial you’d like along with handset and their website features a very in depth how to guide that takes you step by step through all the stages of construction needed.

James Porter and Son

One point of note is that although the kit comes with all the parts needed you will need to look over their tool list to make sure you have at least the basic required to put all the parts together without getting finger prints on things or breaking fragile elements.

To find out more and buy yourself a kit check out the Esslinger website :