Gift Idea : Watch Related Handmade Leather Goods (Etsy)

Struggling for stocking fillers? Why not check out Etsy, the maker market that offers insane value for money on hand made goods from around the world.

I’d heard of Etsy before but never ventured on to their website, but as I was looking for a nice leather pouch to store my watch before heading on a few international trips and avoiding some over zealous security drones asking me to remove it I went on the hunt and my usual haunts of eBay and Amazon failed to deliver.

On a whim I decided to visit Etsy and typed in “watch pouch” not expecting much but got blown away with the sheer volume of search results returned. There were sellers all over the globe offering custom designed, hand made, initialled leather goods in any colour and size you could ask for. Now don’t think thats all Etsy offers, there’s a whole world of niche items you can pick up there but I was only looking for the one thing here.

One seller I honed in on offered over 100 different leather products including key-rings, rings, wallets, dishes, watch rolls and of course what I was looking for, watch pouches. I narrowed down the selection and picked a black pouch with a fold over front and leather keeper. No nasty metal press fasteners to scratch bracelets and cases here. Then I opted for the free leather spacer which goes in-between the watch and bracelet, again to save chafing and scuffing in transit and then topped it all off with a £2 add on of having my initials embroidered on the front. The grand total including shipping from Belarus came to £18. Insane value.

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Looking at the feedback from other customers everyone seems to be more than satisfied and a bit like Amazon the website offers buyers the chance to rate their experience and upload photos of what was actually delivered.

So if you want to put a smile on someones face, get them a watch related gift or maybe something custom made entirely outwith the scope of horology, then check out Etsy. If you want to check out the seller I used and what he offers then here’s a link to their shop direct. Happy hunting!