Video : The TAG Heuer Monaco 50 Years Young

The good people over at Monochrome have put together a fantastic video about the 50th anniversary of the TAG Monaco and it seriously deserves far more views than it currently has! No more info needed, just go watch and listen then give it a like! 😀


Scottish Watches Podcast #86 : The Postman Knocks Twice

It will soon be Halloween but this is not our Halloween Episode. Does anyone remember pipes the ghost? Rikki is still wearing the Bulova. We are getting ready to sponsor the speaking clock…dial 0898 1159 1159 Hodinkee have been at it again this time with an “attainable” limited edition list,…


Scottish Watches Podcast #85 : With New Co-Host Dick, Rick’s Evil Twin

Nae luck the deadpool is not paying out, but at least it go rid of that Orange strap of Rikkis. Reports from the Hodinkee X Grand Seiko X Redbar event. Handsome Rob sort of enjoyed himself I was a good boy and resisted buying both of these, good decision? Tudor…


Scottish Watches Podcast #84 : Watch Chat With Ben Hodges from Fratello Watches

May he rest in peace….hold on….nope…definitely still here, at least for the show notes at any rate. Ben joins Rikki this week, while I get my lung operation. First up some Baselworld stories from how Ben and Rikki met. They give my favourite brand (at least for this episode) Breitling…


Scottish Watches Podcast #83 : Bremont, Rolex and Our First Scottish Watches Event

Two of us today, and I have learned to use GIFs so now no one is safe. Where on earth do you learn about emojis? I am still surviving, full recovery is expected, so nae luck. We talk Bremont and the H-4 or the H4….who can tell Is this “simply…