Scottish Watches Podcast #66 : Weekend Watch Chat

Perhaps not the most petty and ill informed podcast, but certainly still aiming to be cheerful, and now with added jokes courtesy of the Edinburgh fringe festival top jokes of 2019. Love n Watches are back and Tenn and Two are going strong, but my jokes are better than both….


Scottish Watches Podcast #65 : The Twilight Zone Episode

Welcome to episode 65 of the Scottish Watches podcast! We should have mentioned Oris in it but hey! We both enter the Twilight Zone a little as our words dribble far worse than before and we make less sense than ever! Rick is busy so no show notes at the…


News : A Sinn Revolution???

So today Revolution watch teased us with a limited edition due for this coming Monday 10 UK time. The Scottish Watches IG direct message jungle drums then started sounding and the guesses in the main are that it is a Sinn Limited Edition collaboration. So who are Sinn and why…


Scottish Watches Podcast #64 : With Honorary Scotsman Adrian from Bark and Jack

He’s moved to Scotland to be closer to his two best friends so we bring Adrian from Back and Jack on to the show for his third episode after already recording him in Switzerland, England and now Scotland! He then reveals the shock news that he is in fact Scottish…