News : Scottish Watch Brand Akura Release The Wayfarer

It’s only fair we report on actual Scottish Watches here on the Scottish Watches website so if you havent already seen or heard of it, now is the time to check out Akura, a Dundee based watch company that’s latest release – the Wayfarer has just dropped on Kickstarter. We’ve…


Video : Hollow and Solid End Links, Whats The Difference?

We’re all about learning and that covers everything from how Seiko’s spring drive works through to even the basics such as the actual difference between hollow and solid end links. Here the guys at Crown and Caliber do a great show and tell between different years of the Rolex Submariner…


#HalfWatchTuesday 15: The Lunar Eclipsed

Wait! Before the mere mention of anything moon related makes you switch off (or turn on), I understand we have been inundated with space exploration stuff recently; we are here to be the tonic. Such was the explosion of Moon Landing euphoria that speedy owners got not one but two…


News : Christopher Ward Gets £6.25 million Investment

Christopher Ward have been an awesome brand to us here at Scottish Watches from the very first few weeks we were starting this website and began our podcast, so we appreciate them giving a completely unknown entity a lot of time and access when we were literally  2 episodes and…


Scottish Watches Podcast #59 : Watch Chat with Mike from Wristwatch Review UK

Rick’s away on holiday to Bethlehem so Mike from Wristwatch Review UK steps in to co-host todays episode with Rikki! We chat platinum Speedmasters, Ginault shadiness, British watch brands plus independents, microbrands and whats what in the wonderful world of watches 🙂 Shownotes to follow when Rick comes back from the…


Scottish Watches Podcast #58 : Watch Chit Chat

It’s the end of week Watch Chit Chat show with Rikki and Rick. We talk Hodinkee limited editions, Omega 321 release speculation and lots of other stuff! Link to the PDF of Moon stuff –  


Scottish Watches Podcast #57 : With Montblanc Watches CEO Davide Cerrato & Adrian from Bark & Jack

This week something special our first episode, and probably last, of Bark and Jocks! Available in the full-length podcast and video highlights. But the big news is I am not wearing a Panerai and that Adrian is wearing quartz, like bringing a knife to a Gun (Zap) fight in the…


Watch Review : Boldr Venture

I did not know much about Boldr before they contacted me to ask if they could send me their Boldr Venture.   I had seen some of their watches on Instagram and I thought they looked pretty interesting but I didn’t know anything about the brand or their philosophy, so…


Scottish Watches Podcast #56 : One Small Step For Watch Podcasting

In space no one can hear you scream…but they can hear your phone interfering with the recording….my bad! I confess to coveting my neighbours tractor and then getting it completely stuck in a field, but it simply proves that all you need is a Panerai. Rikki confesses to taking “trenchcoat”…