Scottish Watches Podcast #75 : From A Land Down Under With NSOW

This weeks show notes come via the medium of a medium. We get to our most petty and ill-informed by getting an Aussie on the show, Pete from Not So Obvious Watches.   My deadpool date is drawing closer, as my cold is still raging, and they still won’t let…


Scottish Watches Podcast #74 : Q Timex, G-SHOCK, Urwerk Plus Actual Watch Content

We are back and flying solo, or duo again this week. Continuing our adventure in actually talking about watches, we first of all find Kaz from TBWS the next great American novel courtesy of Kat at TennandTwo’s vast and brilliant show notes. Word of advice Kat, no one reads them,…


Scottish Watches Podcast #73 : Sophy Rindler from TOCKR, Second Time Partners and RedBar Miami

Today it is the Sophy Rindler show, Rikki and I simply light the blue touch paper and retreat to a safe distance. First up we do fix Sophys phone. Sophy has been avoiding Rikki for some time but no longer. We talk Baselworld and SIHH, will the full two week…


#HalfWatchTuesday 22: Hashtags Assemble

Bluewatch, halfwatch, Speedy, macro… Flieger, Tudor, watchpalm, micro. Is it just me or is there a lot of hashtags floating about (granted not as many as podcasts)? Now before you think this is a huge case of pot and kettle, it isn’t. We pay homage to those well-established hashtags that…


Watch Review : anOrdain Model 2

I don’t remember where I first stumbled upon anOrdain, but when I read that they had a typographer who had created their dial font taking inspiration from old Ordnance Survey maps of remote locations in the Scottish Highlands, it almost didn’t matter what the watch looked like. I was sold….


Scottish Watches Podcast #72 : Two Broke Watch Snobs and Scottish Watches Assemble for GPHG 2019

It finally happened! The two comedy watch shows join forces to showcase the entries for GPHG 2019! Play along at home here to the watches we chat about! Click here http://www.scottishwatches.co.uk/2019/09/10/scottish-watches-podcast-72-two-broke-watch-snobs-and-scottish-watches-assemble-for-gphg-2019/  for our show notes then click below to read more on the watches. https://www.gphg.org/horlogerie/en/gphg-2019/pre-selected-watches So who did you pick? Did…