Watch Alert: Christopher Ward C63 Sealander 36mm

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Christopher Ward released the C63 Sealander range in May 2021 (it was covered quite brilliantly here on the Scottish Watches website). The Sealander range was inspired by a watch design classic and was also Christopher Ward’s first experiment with a line of watches where most of them were less than 40mm in diameter. The more specialist C63 Sealander Elite and Colchester aside from the C63 Sealander Automatic have been obvious candidates for downsizing and a dash of color. Today Christopher Ward has released two regular production C63 Sealanders and a double brace of limited editions with some bright and oddly familiar colors. Will these new smaller versions work and will the limited edition colors make your summer better? Will they sizzle on the wrist or will that just be the weather? Let’s find out.


Classic, dressy, colorful, each color is a 200-piece limited edition (black and white are regular models)A close up of a watch Description automatically generated with medium confidence

The 39mm C63 Sealander is a delicate thing. As someone who likes properly sized watches, it is a small and delicately proportioned thing. The 36mm takes this a step further. It will fit a lot of wrists now but is probably not for those with a wrist greater than 7”. It is a slim watch with a height of 11.75mm. The Light-catcher™ case is at its best with slimmer cases and its combination of surfacing looks great in this new size.A collage of different watches Description automatically generated with low confidence

The Sealander has applied baton indices with a double baton at noon and a short one at 6 o’clock to accommodate the date. The dials are simple with little adornment or text. The new “swish” logo replaces the wordmark and is printed at the 12 o’clock position. A close up of a car dashboard Description automatically generated with low confidence

Watch Specifications

316L Steel, 36mm 48mm lug-to-lug, 11.75mm (inc. crystal) height, sapphire crystal, 150m water resistanceA silver watch with a black face Description automatically generated with low confidence

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The new smaller C63s will be available in the traditional black and white colorways. The new size will be launched with four new, limited edition colorways. They are Lucerne Blue, New Forest Yellow, Jura Green, and Acer Red. I’m not sure why CW is supporting a Taiwanese maker of laptops though. These colors may look familiar. I’m sure I’ve seen Lucerne blue somewhere before. Perhaps I had breakfast there, who can say. The colors are vibrant and perfect for the summer. A group of watches Description automatically generated with low confidence


Elaboré grade Selitta SW200-1, 38-hour power reserve with hacking and hand-winding.A close-up of a watch Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Price & Availability

From $765 on a color matching strap, or $925 for the black and white versions on a bracelet

Concluding Thoughts

When the C63 was launched in 2021 it was understood that smaller versions would be released if the demand for the Sealander was high enough. Now we have the 36mm versions. There are 200 pieces of each color. The colors may not be the most original choices but they compliment the Light-catcher case and are a great way to generate interest in the new size. They represent great quality and great value and are sure to make your summer much more stylish and colorful. Don’t forget there are even black or white versions too.A picture containing watch Description automatically generated