In The Metal: Grand Seiko SBGP017G “Sea of Clouds”

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Grand Seiko SGBp017 last week. Here are my impressions after playing around with it for a while. A watch on a person's wrist Description automatically generated

Wrist Action

You might have read my gushing Watch Alert. In-person this watch actually delivers the goods. While the dial texture is typical Grand Seiko perfection, the color Sky Blue or more Sea of Clouds makes more sense now that I saw the watch. It’s not a lot of blue in the dial – it’s there and you can see it most under sunlight but with artificial more whitish light, the dial is a brighter sky blue. That can be a good or bad thing. What is definitively a good thing is the case, it has presence and with the slightly chunkier lugs, it really sits well on the wrist. Usually, with 19mm lug width Grand Seiko’s, I always feel the watches are just a bit too slim, but not so here. It works very well, and the proportions are, dare I say it, perfect. 

The sky-blue dial is contrasted by the dark blue second hand and the blue GS logo. Again, it works very well here and gives the watch some nice details, add to this the gold star on 6 o’clock depicting the increased precision of the movement from standard +/- 10 seconds per year to +/-5 seconds per year. Turning the watch around you find the beautifully decorated quartz movement. By the way, did you know that actually, the second-hand makes two consecutive moves every second?  Take out your smartphone and film it in ultra-slow motion and you can see it. Grand Seiko uses these two steps in order to reduce the output torque needed thus allowing them to use heavier hour and minute hands than in a usual movement. To the naked eye, it appears as a single tick. 

Oh, and did I tell you that the date change is equally instantaneous? It happens in fractions of a second! And the hands are only 0.2mm apart from each other, can you imagine how much care is the watchmaker assembling the hands needs to take? 

Concluding Thoughts

Anyhow – I am sold on this watch, but since I had a few more watches incoming this year than anticipated, my watch budget is empty, and I need to fill it up first. The good thing is that this watch isn’t breaking the bank. However, you also need to be quick since it’s a limited edition and I have a feeling this will sell out rather fast.