Watch Alert: Breitling SuperOcean

The SuperOcean was my favorite line from Breitling so I am biased, but more about that in the conclusion. The SuperOcean has traditionally been a proper tool watch, huge water resistance ratings up to 1,500 meters, a Chronometer certified movement and a lovely diving bezel. This time however, the SuperOcean range has yet again received a design overhaul that reaches back to the 60s for inspiration, the SlowMotion model.

Design & Watch Specifications

Steel/Steel & Gold/ Bronze, 36/42/44/46mm x 12.1mm case, White/Black/Blue/Green/Turquoise/Orange dials, 300m water resistant, Metal bracelet or rubber strap with quick adjust clasp

One thing is for certain, you can find your pick with this collection, since 46, 44, 42 and 36mm variants are available in a range of dial colours and case materials. You can have steel, steel and gold and bronze. Both the new bracelet and rubber strap options come with a clasp that has 15mm worth of quick adjustment which adds to their already nice quality. And yes – the watch can be had in Turquoise (or Tiffany blue) both on the dial and rubber strap.

What’s gone though is the date window – poof. Also the rehaut/chapter ring is humongous which in turn shrinks the dial making it a bit cluttered. The new “shovel style” minute hand will also certainly polarize watch enthusiasts and will make Tudors Snowflake hands look very reasonable.


Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Caliber B17 (Modified ETA-2824), 4Hz, 38 hours power reserve

This collection utilizes the Breitling B17, a movement that has been used in Breitling watches for decades. It’s the Breitling version of the ETA 2824-2 with Chronometer certification, 4 Hz, 28,800 vph, no date, time only. Breitling only does minimal customizations, like a branded rotor. Power reserve is a completely unacceptable 38 hours in this day and age. The watch does not feature any anti magnetic features as well since it’s an old workhorse. For the price of a Tudor or Omega dive watch, I wish they put some care into their movement choice. It seems Breitling doesn’t care or thinks that their customers won’t care to have this lowly, off the shelf movement in their watch.

Price and Availability

Prices start at $4,600 and go to $6,700 – available starting now at your friendly Breitling Boutique or Authorized Dealer.

Concluding Thoughts

Breitling under George Kern had a lot of cool releases and so far nearly all were absolute hits. This one though – will polarize a lot. I personally don’t like it at all. The chapter ring is way too large, the water resistance rating is lower than it used to be, the Tiffany blue hype train did stop in the Breitling HQ as well, prices compared to Tudor and Omega dive watches seems way too high, especially given the absolute oldtimer of a movement that is used here. I like the bracelet and clasp though as well as the rubber strap and its (slightly different sized) clasp. The case too is pretty nice. Overall though, this watch is a miss for me.