Watch Alert: Garrick S5

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Recent decades have seen a re-emergence of British brands that honor the ingenuity and craftsmanship that once made Britain today’s Switzerland. Few do it as well as Garrick. Founded by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr, Garrick aims to innovate and create as many components as possible in an artisanal fashion from their facility in Norfolk, England. The latest range to come out of there is the S5 which caused a lot of fanfare when the 3D printed case and partial movement were first teased. The actual pictures do not disappoint. This evolution brings in a new case design, dial layout, and movement that makes the S5 watches contenders for the perfect dress watch and warrants serious consideration in the independent world. Let’s get into the details.

Watch Specifications & Design

904L stainless steel or gold case, 39mm diameter x 8mm height, sapphire crystal with AR coating, 20mm lugs, exhibition case back, water resistant to 100m, gold or rhodium plated silver engine turned dial, applied chapter ring, hours, minutes, & central seconds indication, exclusive Garrick caliber UT-G05, 21,600 vph (3 Hz), 20 Jewels, 60-hour power reserve, handmade Alligator, Calf leather, Buffalo, or Ostrich strap with 316L stainless steel pin buckleA watch on a person's wrist Description automatically generated The S5 refines Garrick’s DNA, starting with the case. This is Garrick’s most slender case at 39mm in diameter, a size that the dress watch-loving part of the community will be smitten with because it offers enough presence while keeping a classical profile and is not too small that it becomes awkward to wear. Not to mention this size is increasingly popular with the masses since it hits the sweet spot for many people. The elegance of the case can’t be solely attributed to the decrease from a 42 to 39mm but also its rounder profile, similar to the recent Fears Garrick collaboration, with fully polished surfaces on both the steel and gold versions. If this is the new design language of the brand, I’m fully on board. This should be a pleasure to wear. Knowing that, although the knurled crown isn’t screw down, the watch has a water resistance of 100 meters should add peace of mind to the wearer.A watch on a person's wrist Description automatically generatedMoving through the front sapphire crystal we are faced with an amazing hand-guilloché dial on gold or Rhodium plated silver, made in-house using a traditional rose engine lathe. Moving the chapter ring inwards creates a space at the periphery that can be left “black”, or it can let the artisans show off with another galvanic finish besides what’s at the center. That isn’t the only aspect that can be customized. Garrick gives the buyer the options of heat blued or polished steel Maritime-style hour, minute, and seconds hands. The steel chapter ring, adorned with a circular satin finish and laser engraved Roman numerals which are inked by hand, alternatively, can be ordered open-worked, heat blued, or polished.A picture containing table, indoor Description automatically generatedAnd you still must pick the dial color which includes, salmon, plum (red), white, light blue, dark blue, green, and rhodium.A group of watches Description automatically generated with medium confidence

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The manual wound caliber UT-GO5 is the latest in house movement by Garrick. Designed, built and finished at their workshop with some parts being acquired from UhrTeil AG, owned by watchmaker and movement designer Andreas Strehler, who has his own prestigious independent brand. Its smaller diameter permitted this line to downsize to the much requested 39mm diameter. It can be seen through the display case back dressed in a textured rhodium finish. There is depth to this movement as its English-style construction, with a large three-quarter plate, is dotted with raised jewel mounts and screws, and gives way to the gold decorated balance wheel, suspended under a three-spoke bridge with anglage and polished arms. This movement is designed to run at a frequency of 21,600 vph (3Hz), managing to output 60 hours of power reserve, regulated by a beat adjuster allowing for fine-tuning the anchor symmetry.A watch on a table Description automatically generated with low confidence


Only 10 pieces will be made in 2021 with an additional 10 watches available in March 2022. We are now taking orders for delivery in 2023. Priced at £16,000 ex VAT and £19,200 including VAT (UK). A 65% deposit is required to secure your watch.A watch on a plate Description automatically generated with low confidence