Watch Alert: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver Titanium Limited Edition

It’s your birthday so how do you celebrate? A glass of wine, maybe a trip to a beach or perhaps you buy yourself something special to celebrate. If you are a watch brand then how about you give your loyal fans the opportunity to buy a special watch. This is what Zodiac have done. To celebrate their 140th birthday (with a gap…) they have launched the Sea Wolf Pro-Diver Titanium Limited Edition.

The first Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver was released in January 2022 and is an extension of the Super Sea Wolf line with a focus on performance. This takes that a step further.

Design & Watch Specifications

Classic Zodiac, nuff said
Titanium, 42mm diameter/14.3mm (inc. crystal), sapphire crystal, 300m water resistant, 22mm lug width, multi-link titanium bracelet

Modern Zodiac design is heavily influenced by the classic Zodiac designs of yore. They are not subtle but they are definitely Zodiac. When you wear one you will have no doubt that you’re wearing a dive watch, and that is before you get to its water resistance of 300m and both COSC and ISO 6425 certifications.

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The Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver has a black dial which contrasts with the angular indices and simple hand design. The minute hand is a conventional arrow head design but the stubby hour hand is almost like a trench tool. Again, subtlety is not on the agenda but functionality and visibility are. You’ll never confuse these two hands when looking at them, that’s the point.

As for colours, Zodiac has chosen to use a seafoam green bezel and colour matched lume which contrast vividly with the orange rehaut.

The Pro-Diver line uses a 42mm case with a 20mm lug width. Arguably, the larger case could stand a 22mm lug width but when coupled with the strong colours, case and dial design, the bracelet fades into insignificance. In a way it’s a shame that the watch head dominates so much as the multi-link bracelet is also well done and very good looking.


Selitta SW200-1 28,800 vph (4Hz), 38-hour power reserve

Zodiac have chosen to use the established Selitta SW200-1 with COSC certification. This will power the watch reliably for many years and will be easy to service and repair when the need arises.

Price & Availability

US$2,495, Starting delivery on June 24th 2022 from

Concluding Thoughts

Very few brands have such strong identity. There is never any doubt that you’re wearing a Zodiac. The new Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver retains the strong design identity of the Pro-Diver range and adds lightness through the use of a titanium case. The design is retro and has echoes of the Blancpain divers of the 1950s but there are enough Zodiac touches to make it stand out on its own merit. Happy Birthday Zodiac.