#ScottishWatches Week 39

Welcome back for week 38 of the finest watch photography the internet has to offer. I’ll continue Lucy’s new tradition of a weather report: It’s starting to look a little bit like fall, the leaves are starting to turn and the sweaters (or jumpers if you prefer) are coming out of mothballs. We’re turning the corner into the last quarter of the year and the great photos show no signs of hibernating through the winter. Now enough of my pointless banter, let’s get down to business:


First up this week is @mr_moonwatch with a cool shot of the mechanical version of the Tissot PRX that set the internet ablaze earlier this year. I’m sure you all know this one but if you don’t, go get yourself learned. High contention for best value prop of the year so far.


Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Next up is a beautiful shot of a watch that needs no introduction, the Tudor Pelagos in the lovely blue hue. @Maccywatches asks what they could even do to improve this piece and for me the answer is easy. Smaller Fifty-Eight sizing and a GMT hand. Either one. Or ideally both. Sorted.


You don’t see these out there too often, so I feel the need to share with the world whenever a shot of a Ressence pops up. Hats off to @feldmarwatch for this shot of the Type 3. Watches like this are what the word “grail” is all about. Not completely unobtainable, but almost.


Here is another watch we don’t see very often, maybe that is the unofficial theme of the week. The Ollech & Wajs P-101, cleanly captured in a nice handheld shot by @ludokid. Tusen takk!


Yet another real-world rarity, held in the lucky hand of @jbmjbm0, here is a very nice shot of the Seiko SLA043, the recreation of the classic 62MAS that Seiko did last year to celebrate 55 years of dive watches. Paired with a strapcode bracelet this looks like the perfect Seiko diver. Well done.


Rolex shots are a dime a dozen on Instagram these days, (curious since they are “impossible” to get, hmm), but Sea-Dweller shots are not. @Thekeylessworks brings us this very cool shot for the #fridaynightlumebattle, letting that Chromalight shine.


@Matts_watchweakness says he has a thing for taking photos of watches on beaches. If that results in more cool shots like this Zelos Mako Frost, I say lean into it. Become the world’s preeminent watch on the beach photographer! Someone has to do it.


I wasn’t sure what this was at first glance; monolith on an alien world? Witch’s cauldron? One of those big tables where you move toys around to plan invasions? Turns out it’s just @thewatchsnapper, moodily wrestling with the idea of a smart watch and where it fits into the modern watch enthusiast’s life. As a fellow Garmin instinct owner I will say I think they definitely have a place. They are the 21st century version of what a Seiko or Doxa was to people in the 60s. A pure tool watch. All function, little form, and you don’t mind banging it around a little.

That’s all for this week. Remember to keep tagging all your splendid photos with #ScottishWatches to have your hours of hard photographic work featured right here, week after week. Until next time…

Derek Haager is a watch enthusiast, TV editor and part-time music maker from Brooklyn, NY.

Instagram: @derekhaager