Scottish Watches Podcast #215 : Our Brand New Swatch x Scottish Watches Limited Edition News

So it finally happened, we convinced a watch brand it was a good idea to let us loose designing a timepiece and here it is – an early Christmas present from us 😀

In this episode of the podcast Rikki, Dave and Diana chat about the process of collaborating with Swatch; the designs, the technical details and the thoughts that all came together over a 3 month period to create the watch.

Here’s the details on the timepiece itself and information on how you can get your very own 🙂

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack


Bringing A Smile To The Dial – Celebrating 200 Episodes and 2 Years of Scottish Watches


To celebrate becoming the first watch podcast to reach the milestone of 200 episodes while also celebrating its forthcoming two year anniversary, Scottish Watches are delighted to announce the release of a brand new and exciting limited edition watch design that brings its trademark humour to the wrist.

Knowing how tough and traumatic 2020 has been for the world, the team at Scottish Watches wanted to do something uplifting and working with Swatch to create a Swatch X You edition was the perfect way of doing this.

Using the latest in online technology, the Swatch X You platform allows any watch lover to choose exactly how their very own watch will look by rotating, panning and zooming around a large background image then stamping out the design they would like on to the watch head and strap. They can also choose different colours of mechanism and also add a note with up to 10 characters on the back of the case. This is then manufactured and delivered directly to their door and the whole process is as simple as can be, allowing maximum creative freedom while ensuring every watch produced will be unique to its owner.

To give back to the watch enthusiast community, Diana and the Scottish Watches team are not making a penny from the design, release and sale of this new limited edition; instead wanting to bring the watch to market at the lowest possible price and making it more attainable for enthusiasts and collectors. Rikki said “we’ve had an amazing two years starting out as complete novices who just loved watches to where we are now speaking with watch people across the world on a daily basis and having even more fun than we ever imagined. Creating a watch that will make you smile when you look at your wrist is exactly what is needed as we put 2020 behind us and is also what we are all about with our podcasts and videos, and by being able to do this at such an affordable price while allowing people to choose their personal design is just the icing on the cake.”

Working with Canadian artist and illustrator Diana Evans, fan of the Scottish Watches podcast and who herself has been a Swatch enthusiast since the age of 4; Rikki, Rick and Dave Sharp came up with a selection of humorous themes that not only link back through the 200 episodes of their comedy watch show but also gives a cartoon feel for Scotland itself, featuring anthropomorphized bagpipes, smiling haggis, thistles and of course the Loch Ness monster.

Diana explained “I got a message from the incredible guys at Scottish Watches, a podcast I love listening to, reaching out to work on their collaboration with Swatch. Oh my goodness, could this even be real! As an artist and an horology lover, having your artwork on a timepiece is like dreaming with your eyes wide open! I got to create the sweetest illustrations that are synonymous with all things Scottish Watches in my style and I know the cuteness will win your hearts over.”

A great fun watch not only for yourself, but on the run up to Christmas, a great pocket friendly gift idea for anyone who loves everything Scottish or Watches or Scottish Watches related.

The new limited-edition release will be available from 23rd December 2020 for one month at the following country dependant links.

U.K. en-gb,91&10=0&9=1.00
USA en-us,91&10=0&9=1.00
Australia en-au,110_889&6=scottishwatches_en_au&9=110&10=0
Germany de-de,91&10=0&9=1.00
Ireland en-ie,110_889&6=scottishwatches_en_ie&9=110&10=0
Sweden sv-se,110_889&6=scottishwatches_sv_se&9=110&10=0
Norway no-no,110_889&6=scottishwatches_no_no&9=110&10=0
Switzerland fr-ch,91&10=0&9=1.00
Hong Kong en-hk,110_889&6=scottishwatches_en_hk&9=110&10=0
Singapore en-sg,110_889&6=scottishwatches_en_sg&9=110&10=0
Netherlands nl-nl,110_889&6=scottishwatches_nl_nl&9=110&10=0
Spain es-es,91&10=0&9=1.00
France fr-fr,91&10=0&9=1.00
Taiwan zh-hk,110_889&6=scottishwatches_zh_tw&9=110&10=0