#Scottishwatches – Starter For Ten

So the #HalfwatchTuesday team are on hiatus for the winter as with them both being in the medical world it would seem they are still rather busy, so this week we are going to extend the hashtag to the full world of #scottishwatches and in doing so even allow shots that show a full watch…and frankly anything else we choose.

So if you want your shots considered for our weekly selection then as a starter for ten tag us in #scottishwatches

Here we go.

Giving us a twirl to intro the new series we have watch fan favourite (as I understand it this is because of plentiful supplies of a certain alcoholic beverage that he comes with) giving us a Rolex twirl it is @whiskyblenderdude

Next we have @bezelbandit showing us proper tools with a proper tool watch. The #CasiOak is a splendid watch especially in canary yellow

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@vfp.watches gives us a shot of the Seiko Alpinist model that made it famous with the green and gold face and numerals the SARB017, there are also some Italian decorative figs in the shot! yup I have no idea either!

Now a watch you don’t come across very often the Eone Bradley and this is from @s214270 and this is a tactile watch designed for the blind and partially sighted.

Note there are two ball bearings the internal (obvious one) marking the minutes and one right on the outside of the case for the hours.


We have had some bright and bold yellow so far, now for some more relaxing green provided by the Traska Freediver. This is from @chillinwitwatches who also has a YouTube channel where he reviews this little number, check it out while you are at it

Then a shot that would not have qualified before, but 3/4 watch shots are all acceptable so long as they are tagged #scottishwatches. This is a repost of @rw_m100 from @zulualphastraps who do make great straps and is of the Vertex M100, we also have a podcast episode with Don the owner of Vertex so check it out

and finally for today from @doingtimescotland we have a most curiously coloured Rolex submariner. I don’t think this is actually a tropical dialled sub, but to channel Nic from #halfwatchtuesday, answers on a postcard as to how this was done.

Anyway that’s it for this week, #scottishwatches so we can make some choices for next week.

Have a great one