HalfWatchTuesday : Best new watch…for under £100.

So, an interesting thought surfaced earlier on this week whilst chatting to a couple of the watchfam (@jack_random1987 and @s214270 for those of you playing at home) regarding our fortnightly Zoom chat. It was suggested that in order to mix our chat up a little, we should introduce a wee challenge to come up with the best new watch that you can buy in 2020 for no more than £100.

Now for me this would prove a rather big challenge. Sure, you can get plenty of really good pieces for around the £300 – £500 mark, some of which we’ve had on our live reviews recently, but to go as low as £100 will stretch the old cerebral matter. I should say that the conditions of the challenge include: shipping can be any amount, as long as the watch itself is £100 or less, any watch fashion or otherwise can be utilised and it goes without saying but no fake watches.

So, by the time this article comes out, we’ll of had our chat anyways, so I’m going to give you a very quick breakdown of three watches that I’ve picked that fit said above criteria:

Firstly, we’ve got the Seiko 5 SNK789. White dial, 7s26 movement, ideal size at 38mm diameter and 11mm thick, day-date complication and I really like the baton appearance of the hands. Fair enough the water resistance isn’t great (30m) but I think for the price (£70), it’s an amazing watch for the price, especially as you know what you are getting from Seiko and particularly with it coming on the bracelet.

Something a little more rugged next is the Citizen BM8180-03E. A little more compact than the Seiko at 37mm and 9mm and boasts a far superior water resistance (100m). It’s EcoDrive movement and its dial liability will be at home as much in the town as it would be up a Munro. For me, this is the perfect combination of an everyday watch with an almost field watch type aesthetic to it.

Finally, I’d thought I’d throw a wee wildcard into the mix by including something digital. Now although I don’t have a digital watch myself, I often go through stages of thinking that it could be a nice addition to the collection. And the one I would get would be the Casio G Shock GA-700-2AER in blue. It just looks solid! World timer, 200m WR and a whole bunch of other extras including a nifty hand shift feature, which allows you to move the hands out of the way to give an unobstructed view of the digital watch underneath. Finding out that I could buy this watch for £60 had me dangerously close to ‘pulling the trigger’ so to speak.

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So, those are going to be my three choices for the best watch you can buy for under £100 and as always, I am interested to know what the rest of the watchfam think. So, if you all can think you can find better value watches than these, by all means jot them down and send them to me on a postcard….

Diving right into top pics for the week is @petitesecondes with a simply stunning Cartier shot. Honestly that Santos is just ‘drool’

@philwatchcollection then goes all robust with a EDC shot of his Sub. Very cool indeed!

We don’t often get a lot of Timex love on HalfWatchTuesday, so when a shot comes up of the quality of @onehundredtwentyclicks submission, we can’t help but sit and stare at the wonder.

It seems I’m not the only one who likes to match watches with outfits. @sweepingsec.nd knocks it out the park with his Oris Pointer Date.

We don’t often have a first HalfWatchTuesday submission make it into top pics, but @biglittlecogs makes it look like he’s been submitted for ages! A quite lovely GShock shot!

@fading.books is also flying right into top pics this week with a stunning Seiko capture! We do love a wee wristshot submission I have to say!

@watchesandcrowns then achieves the best of both worlds with a lovely Seiko shot with an iconic Speedy chrono in the background. That case on the 6139 is rather lovely I have to say!

Rounding us off this week is an old pal of HalfWatchTuesday, @edinburghtimepieces who again manages to get a simply amazing shot of his IWC with his pet bird, Avocado, conveniently placed to meet the strict submission guidelines that we have :). Wonderful shot mate!

And just like that, our time has come to an end. Keep an eye out for our next live review, when I chat with Bryan of Siderus Watches. Seems I’ll get some camera time in the near future from Omair, who has been hogging the limelight so to speak!

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and those you love.

Yours in horology