Scottish Watches Podcast #150 : With Jack Forster – Editor in Chief of Hodinkee

Well we made it all the way to 150 episodes which to be fair has surprised us more than you, but to mark this special occasion we have without doubt one of the most respected and renowned people in the watch industry. Mr Jack Forster, editor in chief of Hodinkee.

Today, no pettiness or misinformedness…at least until we get started on Deployant v Deployment clasps after the first 60secs

Jack is no stranger to Scotland and Hodinkee Glasgow is in the future….obviously, we will be running the outpost.

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Jack is no stranger to the watch media and also piano moving just like Adrian.

We found an old training video

and here is the original plank.

But was waylaid by the world of interior design.

There were however a lot of Russians involved.

This is where Jack started perhaps you could also?


Then it is “Texas Timex” time and another Richard. Have a hunt around alt.horology for more

Then Jack backs Panerai as the WIS Watch of Choice, but at heart he is a Grand Seiko fan, but we get to the heart of the question, what is it with the Grand Seiko Power reserve positioning?

Although would the pushers have fallen out of a Grand Seiko?

But your Speedmaster falling apart while orbiting the earth is not the most annoying thing from Switzerland, apparently!

Here is our book recommendation for the week.

And Jacks highlight of 2020….well you can read his own words about it here:

Enjoy the show!