Scottish Watches Podcast #100 : We Did It! Here’s Our Interview With Tim Mosso

We Did It! We hit 100 episodes and landed the guest we’ve been working on getting for over half a year!

Here is our interview with the man who got both Rick and myself interested in the hobby of horology and watches – Tim Mosso!

The issue last week was all part of a master plan….yup…it certainly was.

James Porter and Son

Channeling the thoughts of the watch industry we are joined by Tim.

Tim sports his normal Sinn EZM 1.1

and this JLC stunner. E877 Memovox

all worn to see these guys….honest….more cowbell

Tim talks about why he fell out of love with his initial collecting brand JLC.

While all these brands are big, just how big is Brand Mosso?

We then get onto Tim’s other passions. Cars, Music, Cycling and Guitars, but which would he give up first?

Panoz Roadster

I like these.

Then Tim gets out of Watches and gets into Cars and the Law.

Lots of industry chat about Watchbox and Richemont, and how the whole Watchfinder thing may playout along with Charitable Foundation Rolex.

Tim gets to the absolute nitty-gritty of what the Watchfinder / Richemont dilemma is, which Watchbox simply do not face.

Then some Basel/ SIHH chat, and the future of Watch Tourism

…oh and then we finish the wristwatch check and Tim becomes head judge for the McWatchies and selects the UN Freak Next and not the Zenith Inventor!!! Say it ain’t so! At least it is not a Tag

Turkey of the year, he selects 2. The Louis Moinet Chronosphere and the Code 11.59

In terms of upping their game, Tim reckons that Vacheron are the real players this year, especially with the Twin Beat.

but with a surprise in the tail Tudor also gets a mention with the P01.

Then one final question about employment prospects at media types at Watchbox?

We need lawyers at Scottish Watches also you know!

Enjoy the show