Scottish Watches Podcast #98 : John Cena’s Fast & Furious Watch at The Watch It Show with Joshua Flagg

Rikki is flying solo to Englandshire, no chance I was going there.

Rikki is joined by Joshua Flagg the man behind Watch It All About and The Watch It Show

Christopher Ward were about.

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as were our friends at Art of Horology, can you tell that Rikki is looking for commission?

and a new brands to us Maals and Vapaus

Rikki then spoke to Zero West, still don’t know if they have been let back into the SW facebook group.

Then the mystery man, Ross from Hamtun

New Kid On The Block Alkin Watches

and Gauge instruments, no homage subs in sight

Some proper vintage from Watches Of Lancashire

Some great stuff on show from Pinion and their film catalog, Fast and Furious inbound

finally Isotope.

Here is the WIAA highlights real.

Rikki then has a chat with a number of the owners and retailers of all the brands noted above.

First Up from Zero West, and three watches that caught Rikkis attention


Rikki then gets Vapaus to intro themselves because he sounds silly saying it and two watches caught his attention there.

Then we find a listener…..@Mr_Milgauss Whoop Whoop take that GiGi

Then Carrington Smith and their Ltd Edition Mach 2 Watch

Next up a chat with Art of Horology

A further chat with Watches of Lancashire.

Check out alkin and get your advance orders in for Model 3

Rikki then catches the elusive Ross from Hamtun

Then it is time to pivot to Pinion Watches

Then another listener chat. Neil or Niall or Neill or Neal or Neale or Kneel for all I know…who knows…something about boiled eggs, and some other guy called Chris or Kris….well done Rikki, top interview skills

Enjoy the show.