Article : Fears Launch Sheep Partnership

Ok so maybe that “Clickbait” title got you in here, or maybe you are already a fan of Fears Watch Company, and No4 (known normally as Nick) their refounder and 4th Managing Director (hence No4)


Whether you own one of his watches or not you hopefully have picked up from our interviews on the podcast episode 37 and 77, that No4 is very much focussed on quality in everything he does, and so today we have his new “Sheep partnership” ok so the partnership is not directly with the sheep but with Romney Marsh Wools and their sheep and the resulting product is a range of magnificent wool-based straps.

Now I confess I have not yet tried the Fears straps on, but I have tried others and a woolen strap is something quite special, it can completely change the look of a watch and they are supremely comfy, ok so they wont last long if you are actually using your Rolex Deepsea for actually going deep sea but they are hardwearing in everyday circumstances and if you have never tried one I recommend you give one a go.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

I have every expectation that the Fears take on the wool strap will be astonishingly high quality beyond its pricing and make you wonder just how the strap, presentation, and service can be provided at the price.

So if you do decide to give something a bit different a go, then why not check out No4s offering and if you do, then do get in touch and you can do us a review…..or maybe even a video unboxing!!

Have a great day