Review : anOrdain: A Little Bit Of Scotland On The Wrist

This is going to be a very brief review (we are all busy, right?).

I recently took delivery of a custom watch made by anOrdain – a young watch company based in Glasgow (I know, who knew Scotland even had a watch company, let alone a good one!)

Basically: let me boil this review down. I bought this anOrdain Model 1 watch (for about 1000 pounds), and it’s AWESOME.  Now, you go and buy one too. Dismissed!

Ok, if you are still reading this, here are some details.

anOrdain’s Model 1 is an automatic 3-hander, with a hand-made vitreous enamel dial. Let me say that again. HAND-MADE. ENAMEL. INSANELY GORGEOUS dial!

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

Vitreous Enamel (or “Grand Feu” for our fancy French/Swiss friends) process essentially involves coating a copper disc with powdered glass and firing it in an 800+ degree oven over and over until a smooth surface is formed. It’s insanely hard to get an even finish with no defects or inclusions – but the result is awesome.

Glossy & 3-dimensional – this is dial you can lose yourself in.

Enamel dials have traditionally been the province of expensive Haute horology brands (Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantine, Glashutte Original, etc), with only the monolithic Seiko having capabilities to make enamel dials in under $5,000 watch segment. Now, anOrdain has arrived!

Dudes and ladies at anOrdain make fewer than 10 dials per week because the process is entirely hand-crafted so labour-intensive but what a gorgeous results it is.

Whilst anOrdain offer some standard colours (Black, White, Red, etc), because each dial is handmade, I opted to have a custom colour made just for me.

Upon reaching out to the team suggesting a Yellow or Green colour scheme (Aussie Colours!), my fumbling thoughts were encouraged by Lewis at anOrdain, who kindly sent me a pic of relevant enamel colour swatches to choose from.  I fell in love with the Orange, and we went from there.

anOrdain were kind enough to send me some build pics, to show the process of my dial being fired and made – which made the 3 week waiting period pass faster; and made me feel part of the process.



I also opted for contrast hands – blue lume, to float off the dial and in my not-so-humble opinion, make the watch particularly fetching. The dial typography and syringe-style of the hands fit the design aesthetic perfectly.

The 38mm case (12.3mm height in case you care) sits beautifully on the wrist, and slides under any shirt cuff smoothly. Polished stainless steel case, 50m water resistance; AR-coated sapphire front and back.

The subtle design features, like the “A”-coronet on the crown and the rotor look great.

On arrival, the watch came with a zip-up leather pouch, a supple Italian shell cordovan strap, and a lovely handwritten note from anOrdain thanking me for supporting their endeavors. Great touch!

The enamel dial catches the light beautifully, changing from honey orange to incandescent cadmium [confession: I had to look that colour up!] at the flex of the wrist.

Final Thoughts:
o The build quality of Model 1 is superb. It’s joy to wear! [How do they do this for ~1K?]
o The ordering process is fantastic, with the anOrdain team accommodating and supportive
o The standard dial colors are great, but the ability to “personalize” my dial version really appealed to me
o YOU (if you have managed to read this far without getting bored) should definitely get one*

*This is an unpaid endorsement, and represents my own personal opinion, which happens to be correct.

In conclusion, anOrdain Model 1 rocks!


ROMAN S – from DownUnder

(editors note. The model one is now sold out in as much time as it takes to post one to Australia, but be not disheartened as Model 2 is here and it Rocks!)

(P.S Editors note : think we got most of these photos from Patek I think?!! )