News : A Horological Detective Story – Ginault And The Curious Case Of The Counterfeit Rolex Watch Factory

Update 2: The author has reuploaded to a new server – details updated below…

Update: Minutes after posting this article the WordPress blog was removed by WordPress themselves, not the author. He is hoping to put it back online later today but in the meantime check the Reddit thread here …

[Discussion] Lies and Deceit: Exposing Tsung Chi, Thomas Caddell, and Ginault’s Illegal Past from Watches

… and his post on The Rolex Forum here …

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Everyone loves a good detective story or whodunit, so when our inbox got flooded yesterday with links to an absolutely massively in depth blog post about Ginault watches and the shady world of counterfeit Rolex watch manufacturer, we had to pay a closer look.

The unnamed author has spent a ton of time researching, checking and double checking across nearly a decade of domain registrations, forum account creations, posts and even to the level of examining the digital fingerprint of known fake watch makers, scrutinising their camera lens serial numbers and comparing them to the camera and lenses used by Ginault.

It makes for fascinating reading with a lot of twists along the way so if you want to find out more just click the link :

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below as we will be talking about fake watches in a forthcoming episode of The Scottish Watches podcast and will read out some of your comments on the show (unless you state you don’t want us to).