Scottish Watches Podcast #19 : Ruining Watches with Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire / Watch and Listen Podcasts

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Nearly there, one episode closer to 20 and one week closer to Baselworld, but this week a Horological detour to one of our Podcast and YouTube heroes Matt Farah who with both a monster car channel (The Smoking Tire) and a rapidly growing Watch Podcast (Watch and Listen) is just an all around great guy to talk cars and watches to.

So we chat Lamborghinis as both Matt and Rick own one, while Rikki has his less than impressive German number back.

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We all wonder why it is we are doing a watch podcast from Scotland and not the sunshine of California, and whether two drunk Scotsmen talking to a Stoned American is really a very good idea for an episode or sounds like a pitch for our new show – Idiot Island.

We teach Matt some Scottish Slang useful in California, starting with “Taps Aff” and as a result Matt invites us to California, to meet his friends, Carl Ruiz @saborchef and Cameron Weiss @cameronmweiss.

A special mention goes to Karel Bachand of we all think you are great though we couldn’t remember your name, sorry, how about an interview?

We find out how to get free Japanese Whiskey from Grand Seiko and that Joe Rogan knows more about watches than he is letting on.

Matt looks forward to his wedding day when he gets to receive the love of his life after months of enforced celibacy, a new Rolex Pepsi GMT, and Hodinkee gets its obligatory mention as do Daytonas.

Finally, we ruin Rikki’s Batman and all Speedmasters forever, you have been warned

Wrist Watch Check :

Rolex Explorer 2

Rolex 116710 BLNR GMT Master 2 Batman

A distinctly mucky and muddy Panerai PAM233

Matt talks watches on The Joe Rogan Podcast …

Matt’s website :

Matt on YouTube :

Matt on Instagram :

Matt’s writing :

Matt on Twitter :

Yeah Cindy definitely trumps Eastenders (not Ricks old car, it was sold years ago, before the internet), but my we tractor is still more useful, the Aston Martin….not so much.

You were warned once you see it you cannot unsee it

You must check the story of Barrelhand out, insane levels of talent.

And finally, RIP Stringfellow Hawke, (Jan-Michael Vincent) another childhood icon gone too soon, answers on a postcard as to what the watch is, a Seiko perhaps?